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Are you, the theist, involved in a Cult? Take my quiz

The Badger
The Badger
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16 March 2007 16:16

[quote author=“Bad_Conduct”]

3. Does the organization require that you be tithed or donate monies to it? Is there a witholding of benefit of any degree observed if the individual declines to donate money? Is there any threat, specifically tied to an afterlife doom scenario, if money is not donated?

No. No one is “required” to donate, otherwise it would be a fee and not a

Because churches gain tax free dollars from your hard earned taxed dollars, the money must be claimed as a donation instead of a fee.  If the tax free money was called a fee, then the church would have to pay taxes.  It is actually a fee which is slyly called a donation all in the name of greed!  After all, what god really needs is your money.

Also, on the cult subject.  I am aware someone already put the definition of cult on this thread.  I felt the need to paste it again because I think people need to read it more than once.  Just doing my part to aide in the deprogramming process.

instructions:  read carefully and repeat until you understand.

from Miriam Webster
Main Entry: cult
Pronunciation: ‘k<
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: French & Latin; French culte, from Latin cultus care, adoration, from colere to cultivate—more at WHEEL
1 : formal religious veneration : WORSHIP
2 : a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents

Traces Elk
Traces Elk
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17 March 2007 16:22

Thank you for that earnest and well-thought-out response, BC. You may now go back to hiding in your mom’s basement so that no gay germs get on you. That is why you refuse to have sex with another human being, isn’t it? You know they have inflatable dolls made out of easily cleanable vinyl and other substances that provide an adequate stimulus for many individuals to achieve sexual release without having to a) get other people’s cooties on them or b) touch themselves on their private parts. You should check it out.

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17 March 2007 18:54

I wrote a classic cult symptom is probably:

9. Is there guilt and pennance involved for deeds considered “wrong” by the organization but otherwise the rest of the world sees no error?

and Bad_Conduct mused:

What would my organization find wrong that no one else in the world sees any error in?

and I countermused:

homosexuality for starters. Generally, the growing trend of tolerance for other lifestyle and preferences not found in traditional church going minds is extremely disturbing to most church goers.

Many religions also forbid the devotees to see R rated movies, read bawdy romance novels, watch soap operas, drink coca cola, drink coffee, smoke, chew tobacco, take drugs… even medicinal drugs like anti depressants or cholesteral drugs, donate blood even if their child is dying, profane the name of god… the list is quite long.

You are in a cult.

To which you now proclaim:

A lot of people in the world, outside of any church, know homosexuality in a choice. I don’t discriminate against their choice, that doesn’t effect me.

I still say No to gay marriage.

And I say to you, Bravo (limp, unenthused clapping) for your homophobia.  I have to ask though, what is the foundation… the root of your negative stance to two men or two women marrying?  You are Christian as I recall.  It’s your cult that has you programmed this way. 

You do know that when Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane, a nude man was seen fleeing the very scene where Jesus had been praying, don’t you?  It’s in your scriptures.  Look it up.  I’d give you the reference, but that would ruin my imagination of you frenetically pawing through the pages of your New Testament… deer in the headlights look in your eyes… mouthing the words “No NO NO, It’s NOT true” over and over…. most determined to make a fool out of me… seeing you scratch your head when you finally find the passage…


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