The debate is over…

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21 March 2007 09:28

Even though there never was a real debate regarding "Religion vs Reason", it seems that by now, those open-minded individuals who have visited these forums and had conversations (and thoughts) of their own have sharpened their intellect enough to dismiss religion - totally and completely, in every way imaginable.

Faith vs Faith - Turn the question back on them. If the believers "trump card" is faith - it's nice to take that away from them by reminding them that since it's "just a matter of faith" they have to recognize that, by their own logic, all other "faiths" must be equally valid.

I'm reminded of Joseph Campbell, who said "All religions are true but NONE are literal."

Yes, I believe those who seek truth now have a fully formed conversational construct to categorically dismiss all forms of religious faith - leaving only spirituality, meditation and introspection as the foundation for a rational, creative alternative to the religious dogmas and beliefs of mankind's past.

The paradigm is shifting - the only problem is that the "flip" occurred just as we're entering into a global depression and possibly another world war… Alas, one cannot gain anything without losing something in return.

2012, here we come.  8)