The Law of God

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The Law of God

The law of falling bodies observed by Galileo Galilei:

Heavier denser bodies fall at the same rate as lighter smaller bodies.
May be immediately proved through casual experimentation.

Three laws govern the motion of the planets defined by Johannes Kepler:

The planets move in elliptical, not circulal orbits.
The velocities of the planets are not uniform but vary at different points in their orbits.
The areas swept by the radius vectors in equal times are equal.
The velocities of the planets relative to each other can be expressed mathematically:
The squares of the periods of revolution are proportional to the cubes of the distances from the sun.
May be immediately proved through casual observation.


The laws of gravity first defined by Johannes Kepler:

A force emanating from the sun governs the motion of the celestial bodies.
Weight arises from the mutual attraction between two bodies.
May be immediately proved through casual observation. Don't trip!


There are three physical laws of motion defined by Sir Isaac Newton:

(1) Every body perseveres in its state of rest or of moving uniformly in a straight line, except so far as it is made to change that state by external force.
(2) Change of motion is proportional to the applied force, and takes place in the direction in which the force is applied.
(3) Reaction is always equal and opposite to action, that is to say, the actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal and in opposite directions.
May be immediately proved through casual experimentation.


This is the law of diminishing returns defined by Thomas Robert Malthius:

Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometric ratio,
while subsistence increases only in arithmetic ratio.
Accordingly, there is a strong and constantly operating check
on population because of the difficulty of subsistence.
The price of food will tend to increase,
owing to the necessity of employing additional land
of inferior quality to increase production.
Proved through study of historical records.


Laws of heredity defined by Gregor Johann Mendel:

The law of segregation;
parental elements pass into the germ cells of the offspring without influencing each other.

The law of independent assortment;
inheritance of one element does not govern the inheritance of any other element.
Proved through work in the garden.

Laws of evolution defined by Charles Darwin:

The law of natural selection, known as anagensis;

Small, random, inheritable differences among individuals results in varying chances of survival and reproduction in the ecological niche in which the individual organism exists.

The law of divergence, known as speciation;

Genetic changes may accumulate within an isolated segment of a species as that isolated population adapts to it's ecological niche. At some point the species will become so divergent that individuals with a common ancestor will be unable to interbreed, branching into two distinct species.

Natural selection is proved through biogeography, animal husbandry, experimentation, embroyology, palenontolgy or fossil records, and morphology which is supported by genomics, the DNA analysis of the genome structure of living entities and populations of living entities. Divergence is proved by DNA analysis as no two living entities are identical, including identical twins.

Laws of electromagnetism defined by James Clerk Maxwell:

Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of a single unified force of nature.

Laws of thermodynamics defined by James Clerk Maxwell:

Thermodynamic laws and properties of gases may be derived from a statistical description of molecular motion.
Proved through experimentation.

Periodic law of the elements defined by Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev:

Elements placed according to the value of their atomic weights present a clear perodicity of properties.
Proved through experimentation.


Law of electrolysis defined by Svante Arrhenius:

Explains the electrical conductivity of highly dilute solutions.
Can be proved by joining a copper water pipe to a steel water pipe.
The molecules from one will migrate to the other causing joint failure.

Ohm's law by German physicist Georg Ohm:

The current flowing in a metallic conductor maintained at constant temperature is
directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) between its ends.
Used every day by electricians.


These are some of the Laws of God that mankind has been able to define.

Mankind is still trying to understand the Laws of God, here are a few tenative laws that have not been throughly proved.


Quantum theory as defined by Max Planck:

The energy of electromagnetic energy is found only in discrete packets of quantum.
The amount of such energy must be a whole number multiplier of Planck's constant.


Theory of special realtivity as defined by Albert Einstein:

Coordinate space and time are not absolute. The speed of light is invariant.


Theory of realtivity as defined by Albert Einstein:

Gravitational fields are manifestations of curvature of spacetime.


Theory of light as defined by Albert Einstein:

Light exhibits quantum properties in the photoelectric effect.


Light is, but what is light?

Evolution of the theory of light.

Newtonian theory was the first theory developed to explain the nature of light. Newton's theory was regarded as consisting of any actual transmission of material particles, or corpuscules, sent off in all directions from luminous bodies, and traversing space, in right lines, with the known velocity of about 186,300 miles per second. Newton's math was right.

The theory of the nature of light known as the undulatory or wave theory consisted of the propagation of vibrations or undulations in a subtile, elastic medium, or ether, assumed to pervade all space, and to be thus set in vibratory motion by the action of luminous bodies, as the atmosphere is by sonorous bodies. Conceptually accurate as when objects in sunlight gain radiant energy when exposed to the rays of our sun, Sol.

The currently accepted theory, electro-magnetic theory of light, most accurately describes the properties of light as a form of electro-magnetic oscillations.

Immutable Truths that everyone accepts, learns and stashes in their subconcious.

Light is.

Gravity is.

Fire will burn.

Water will flow.

The Earth is.

We breath in air.

Earth, air, water fire are things.

Tommorrow is another day.

The sun provides light and warmth.

All that is oragnic lives and all will die.

We know that the Earth is a planet circling a star.

We know the star, our sun, will come up over the horizon tomorrow as we understand the function of our solar system.

We know that if you drop a rock it will fall to Earth as we understand the function of gravity and how it works from the time we began to try to walk. Those that can not walk understand this force even more.

Time moves in only one direction. We all travel in time from one moment to the next. We all know this to be true as not one of us has ever moved backward in time, which is physically impossible.

Every organic organism in reality on Earth that has the breath of life breathed into it by God will eventually lose it's organic life.

Mentioned here are a few. In your soul you know the rest.

Lawrence Turner

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No thoughts

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Lawrence said:

Mentioned here are a few. In your soul you know the rest.

Oh good. Now I feel better. Now if I could only get it out and write it down like Kepler, Newton, et al, did.

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[quote author=“Wotansson”]Lawrence said:

Mentioned here are a few. In your soul you know the rest.

Oh good. Now I feel better. Now if I could only get it out and write it down like Kepler, Newton, et al, did.

This is a realist way of looking at reality.

Certain things appear to be true always, as in when you drop solid or liquid matter it falls to Earth.

There are universals that are the same for every person no matter what culture or environment they live in.

For example, all humans must partake of sustenance to survive.


Living is a process.

Life lives on life.

All life is unique.

All life is individual.

All life lives but once.

Each unique individual organic life will end.

Love life for its individual uniqueness.

Redemption comes simply by respecting each and every individual life.

Instinctually satisfying redemption comes from immersion in the process of living by the irrefutable moral code of respect toward all life.



For us to live one more day we must take life.

Maybe it is only vegetable life but it is life.

And we must take it to stay alive.

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The issues of the “Torah” or the “Qu’ran,”  the Law of God, is

1.  the sheer size and scope of the Law
2.  the historical irrelevancy of some of the legal applications of the law
3.  the inevitable failure of humankind to live up to the impossible ethical
      code which such a body of law requires.

For example the Books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus in the Torah.  These two books set out the national, community, religious, and common everyday life of the people of God as they existed 3,500 years ago.  The authors of these laws had no contemplation or understanding of the scientific advances which society which attain until thje present day.  They had no knowledge of cosmentics, change of hair styles, garments and clothing which would come to be for the purpose of comfort, durability, prodtection against the elements, etc.

Thus,  society today would quickly bypass Levitical laws about hair styles, blending of fabrics, dietary laws, and a host of other religious practices that indeed, religious praticioners have long since felt the need to obey.

Yet today, we have certain extremists in religous communities who would insist that certain aspects of those ancient laws DO MATTER and ought to be honored in contemporary culture.  For example Leviticus 18.22 “You shall not liewith a man as with a woman: that is an abomination.”  First of all, we have no understanding of who “you” was, or what an   “abomination” was in the eyes of that culture 3,500 years ago.  Further, in Matthew 5.31 - 33 we have Jesus reminding theJews the Torah says “‘a man who divorces his wife must give her a note of dismissal.’ But I say to you, if a man divorces his wife for any reason othre than unchastity he involves her in adultery; and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”  (NEB)

Now, in Michigan the Christian extremists forced a consitutional amendment exluding GLBT people from the sacred extate of marriage.  (Noov. 2, 2004) In two weeks of that vote, they started a legislative process to strip them of their civil rights of property, insurance, and other mutual protections under the law afforded to other couples in the state.  Something they promised was not part of their “Protect marriage” agenda.

My question is this:  When will the Christian Right take up armsagainst all those who live in Jesus’ definition of adultery?

My point:  When you realize you cannot live under the law in its completeness,  who gets to choose which pieces of the law will be sacred and be part of the community moral code, and who decides who gets to choose?

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[quote author=“Dennis”]
My point:  When you realize you cannot live under the law in its completeness,  who gets to choose which pieces of the law will be sacred and be part of the community moral code, and who decides who gets to choose?

Did you read the initial statement carefully?

The laws I have attempted to state as belonging to the Laws of God could also be as easily called the Laws of Nature.

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I was reading through yours Laws as observed by many men of science, and frankly, you are incerdibly long winded, and boring to boot.

There were at least two errors of fact, and probably many more. Sorry I wasn’t patient enough to read through the whole thing find any more.

Kepler’s 3 laws seemed to have morphed into 5.

The laws of Thermodynamics can be stated without any belief in atoms at all.

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One other observation:

There have been some interesting speculations about time moving in one direction. This may seem intuitively obvious, but in fact time may move both forward and backward. I won’t go into the details, but I urge you to read the book ” Schroedinger’s Cat”. It describes a possible explanation of the puzzle of two holes and postulates that time travel is neccessary to explain this conundrum.

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You are attempting to talk about science, yet you use words.

The language of science is math, just as the language of music is notes. 

Maxwell’s laws are four very short, very precise, very elegant equations. 

Just list the equations.  Anything else leads to confusion and, worse, the substitution of vague metaphor for reality.