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Contradictions in the Bible - revisited

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12 February 2013 05:43

I will post a response on your blog.

One problem is that not all of what you post are textual contradictions. Some appear to also be assumption dismissals. Since the focus is supposed to be contradictions, joining them will end up watering down your “mission”, so to speak because the true believer will go, “Ah, well that’s not a contradiction, hah!”

Also, please note that using published translations are normally bent towards a particular agenda. If you really are interested in such a project, consider “esword” and all of it’s free add-ons. I used it when writing about the problems with the book of Matthew some years ago (I gave up when I exceeded 50 pages in the first chapter), and you can use a “compare” to see the variey as well as a built in “Strong” (also slanted, but useful) when it comes to words.

This was based on your latest post that has Ishmael drinking from a bottle (they really didn’t travel with bottles back then, and the Hebrew prhase “hamayim min hachamat” המים מן-החמת is “water from a gourd” - חמת is a hardened container/vessle and is normally used to refer to a hardened item, skin or vegetation). In modern Hebrew it is also used for hard (metal) items used for transporting water (http://www.hamat.co.il/ uses that name for promoting water devliery products).

Now why did I bother picking on just one word to break apart your premis that tthe contradiction is based on assumption and not on text? Because the religious person who comes across your assertion will be just as (if not more so) critical, and so rather than being so concerned with the quantitly, I would recommend to focus on the quality of the contradictions if you don’t want the reader to go “Ah, that isn’t even in the text!”

Sure, while one can mock the text and go “See, Abraham, after he came down from the mountain, went to Beer Sheba, and that means he had to go through Hebron, where his wife was, but he didn’t even bother to stop there. What a jerk!” But it isn’t a contradiction, and I recommend that you focus on what your intention was.

All the best,

E.G. (Closet Atheist)
Efrat, Israel

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