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06 June 2013 21:23

It strikes me that one of the fundamental lacks in the human condition is
a way to manage and control the powerful sex drive in our species.

Its misuse has been manipulated, cajoled, coralled, corrupted, violated,
forced on people, and caused unprecedented strive in our species milennia.
Mostly this has been due to an inability to discuss the topic of sexuality
and its expression as a valid subject.
The topic is basically taboo in all religions, rarely studied in a
proper academic environment, and viewed with derision and condescension
by “morally” superior intellectual apologists of the status quo.

Let me, in light of this, give you a scenario:

Maggie is 50ish, in extremely good health, has a beautiful physique,
eats healthy, exercises daily, and maintains a top of the line healthy diet.
But her husband, of 25 years has his eye on a 30 something girl at the
workplace, and not in her wildest thoughts could she have envisioned
her former lover/companion/father of her children from having turned
utterly away from her in sexual interest.
Maggieis not interested in other women, she is heterosexual,
What are her options?  A good memory and a vibrator?
Calling up the local “Cougar Club” of women, and go out on the town
looking for the plethora of “cougar chasers” out on the club scene,
who trade numbers for what they perceive as easy one night stands?

What if technology allowed Maggie other options?  What if there we’re
beautifully constructed, sterilized, “nearly human” bots with sweetly
constructed attitudes, deferentiality, and proper submissivity to give
Maggie exactly what she liked in a romantic encounter?
I mean, why not? 

Not all my ideas are good, but… well, explain to me why this wouldnt

Once a technology is envisioned, its only a matter of time until someone could construct
it, foment it and discreetly market it.  The word of such would no doubt spread
like wildfire.

As always, I could be wrong.