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02 November 2016 22:16
Hypersoup - 02 November 2016 03:59 AM

I like the dance of nataraj image. Dance of shive. Its an icon depicting the virtuousness beingits own reward basically, and demonaic characters being cruchesd by the dancing shiva.


The humn “lord of the dance” was partly based in shivism.


That’s interesting, I like the action oriented approach here. Buddhism describes my basic philosophy more closely but sometimes I look to other practices when I see I’m going to get “stuck” on something in Buddhism. Sitting meditation, for example, can be a good practice but it can also be incredibly reifying. You are literally, un-ironically, watching “Every Breath You Take”, ha ha, until you’re like “Oh my God who is stalking me?! Oh, wait, it’s… me. Wherever I go there I am. Aaaa!”

I’m kidding around, of course, but after awhile the direction to “watch” does start to seem a bit nonsensical - Who is watching what? I thought “I” wasn’t here in the first place? Why am I spending hours pretending to be an “I” who watches things then…” “Self-watching” can (not always, by any means, but it can) get very task oriented - a job that, ironically, has to be “done” by a “self”. To that extent I find more action-oriented, “external world” oriented approaches can be a good counterbalance, a way to “lose yourself” in the moment. The downside being that I think this kind of practice can lead to fleeting insights not grounded in any more long lasting understanding, which requires something more like analytical meditation, I think. Still, I find it an interesting an complimentary framing.

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