Sam Harris and Oliver McTernan debate (audio)

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09 May 2007 18:35


Part 1

Part 2

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14 May 2007 02:08

Mr McTernan can’t seem to accept that there is no difference that believing elvis exists in the absence of evidence is no different to believing that god exists in the absence of evidence. He still seems to think religion is an untouchable entity where the same laws don’t exist. I guess old fixed views die hard.

“I think you are overlooking years of theological debate over this issue” he says. As if that somehow constitutes evidence?

He didnt provide one inkling of a decent argument, he even agreed with a lot of which Sam said, but just replaced someone of Sam’s words with ‘nicer’ ones.

He’s just another ‘your taking it out of context’ bible apologist. Perhaps he didnt read that passage in the Gospel explaining that no scripture is open for interpretation.