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human cloning

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04 August 2005 17:28

Let us reiterate his many theofascist distopian ways, shall we?

1, You should worship only God, Mathew 4: 10
A statement insisting one comforms without question.

2, Swear not at all, Matthew 5: 34 to 37
Because one man’s swear word is another’s saintly view? Why not smother all dissenting speech, right? Wrong.

3, Pray that your flight wont be on Sabbath day (Saturday), Matthew 24: 20
More ritualist nonsense to impose on another. 

4, Jesus is lord of the Sabbath day (Saturday), Mark 2: 28 Jesus said that because Sabbath means something to God and to Him.
YEe, this holds no relevance to anyone not of religion.

5, Honor your father and Mother, Matthew 19: 19
Unless they are disrespectful, and abusive as anyone else not showing respect, also doesn’t deserve it.

6, Love your neighbor as your self, Matthew 19:19
Unless they are disrespectful, and abusive as anyone else not showing respect, also doesn’t deserve it.

7, You shall not kill, Matthew 19:18
Well this one, Iraqui killing fundee Bushiites such as yourself don’t even follow.  Hypocrisy, and lunacy all in one!

8, You shall not commit adultery, Matthew 19:18
Yeah, keep dreaming-keep demonzing sex while again, following in tune with a very high going American divorce rate.

9, You shall not steal, Matthew 19:18
Theft is not a good thing, unless it’s done in the name of your political cause, right?  C’mon, how many Republican company buddies are cashing in as we speak.

10, You shall not bear false witness (do not lie) Matthew 19: 18
Really, false witness, lies.  How about this?  Your belief system is a lie.

11, You shall live by the word of God, (He meant the old law that exist then) Mark 4:4
More arrogance to make subservience the norm.  Typical smothering dogmatism.

12, Do not change one jot of the law (He meant the old laws) Matthew 5:17 to 20
You’re right, the old testament, filled with all kinds of morbid inanity.

13, You shall be judge by your word, (He meant not by faith only) Matthew 12: 37
Well this one, the sick history of religion has shown religionist don’t follow their word, more like expect others to obey it.

14, You shall be reward by your work, (Not by faith), Revelation (22: 12)(!4: 13)
You mean actually test, actually empirically show rational evidence- OH wait, that’s right.  I’m speaking to nut.

15, Do not call no one father or master on earth, Matthew 32: 8-9
Aliens on other planets then?

16, Do not divorce, Matthew 19: 9
ppffrrr.  Yeah.  Again, another thing no one follows.

17, Give all what you have to the poor, Matthew 19: 21 to 24
And what will they do with it?  Enable them with enough education on how to make a productive living on their own, sure.  But actually doing all the work for them is just begging to make everyone lazy.

18, You shall be born again, (Baptize), John 3: 5
Reincarnation for ALL!!!

19, You should forgive, Matthew 6: 14
Not if they’re crazy, and unapologetic of their craziness.

20, If some smite you, you should turn the other side of your face also, Matthew 5: 39
And give them a second easy shot? Yeah right.  Push them off, telling them to ease off is more practical.

21, Feed the poor, Matthew 25: 31 to 46
Teach the poor to feed themselves, and help those truly can’t-such as invalids.

22, Love your enemies, pray and bless them, Matthew 5:44
So, so subjective.  Anyone giving me a hard time could be any enemy, unless I enjoy the pain, then they’re my friend.

23, Preach the word and baptize the people from all nations, Matthew 28: 19 to 20
Again with spreading the mind melding.

24, Do not judge any one, Luke 6: 37
Akin to not thinking ever, other than what you’re told.  No brain.

25, Do not get drunk, Luke 21: 34 to 36
Well, it can be roudy at times, but in good company on special occasions, why not?

Many of these statements remain inane.  Inane, copiously inane, and they advocate imposing on others to the point of being fascist!  Inane, and distopian is more the correct way of seeing these things.

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