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Does Christianity lead to animal abuse?

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16 October 2014 09:50

Ok. I must first learn your language if I am to understand you correctly. I’m only fluent in British English. Apologies.

In my language it’s not possible to have “knowledge” without “belief”.
The idea that you can know something, but not believe it is preposterous!

Also, you claim the words faith and believe are synonymous, yet you didn’t delete the repeated word above. Why not?

So let’s have some definitions (in context). Here’s mine:
Truth: That which corresponds to reality. E.g. Your screen name, on this forum, is “EN”.
Belief: A conviction that something corresponds to reality. E.g. I believe that your screen name, on this forum, is “EN”.
Evidence: The available body of facts. E.g. The screen name, “EN” appears on your login widget, on your control panel, the database and on all of your posts and quoted text throughout this forum, plus yours and others testimony that you use the screen name “EN”. Etc., etc., etc.
Knowledge: Reliably formed true belief. E.g. Your screen name, on this forum, is “EN”.
Faith: A propensity to believe something to be true, irrespective of evidence. E.g.

EN - 15 October 2014 08:57 PM

I believe and [believe]in Jesus.

Anything to add, before we begin the deconversion* process?

*Underhand joke re my unwarranted faith in the effect of reason on the religious mind. LOL.

Let’s move this here.

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16 October 2014 15:35

I’m loaded down at work. May be tomorrow before I can respond.

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