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Any Requests For Two Thousand Fifteen?

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08 January 2015 18:20

Personally I understand it’s all meant in good fun, and that no harm is intended. I enjoy how ASD purposely uses examples that make an argument look ridiculous, and yet puts the energy into responding to them, which shows he cares. I love LadyJane’s poetry and common sense. I like envy me’s criticism of Harris conflating ethics+morals.

The key difference here on the internet, compared to real life, and the reason why I’m against online “roasts,” is that we can’t actually see the effects our words have on others. We might insult each other in a good-spirited “I love you” way, but to the person receiving the insults, the tone and good sentiment may not carry through. There’s no facial expressions, no tone, no instant feedback. It’s tough to know if hostility is meant in good fun or is serious, unless we have a good understanding of the poster, which is unlikely over the internet. It adds to misunderstandings.

On the other hand, you guys have been around this forum for a while, and probably know each other decently well, and there are not many randoms on the forum, so I can see the argument for an exception from the best practice rules for a typical internet community. Still, I worry that such roasts are not welcoming to newcomers.

In my personal life, my friends and I insult each other all the time. It’s great fun. But I worry that that environment is not transferable to the internet.

There’s an important distinction between ridiculing ideas and flaming a person. Harris always supported the former but denied the latter.

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