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Meaning of being Secular

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16 March 2015 01:59
gsmonks - 16 March 2015 12:44 AM
EdwinRozario - 15 March 2015 10:28 PM

I understand that Secular Nation must mean “State has no religion”. But citizens can have religion but State is not going to support any one of them buy making or modifying State rules for them. Unfortunately that is not whats happening now.

The problem is the Judeo-Christian tradition, which includes Islam and the Bahaii faith (collectively known as something called “progressive revelation” in some circles). As a single unified tradition, the idea is to take over the world under one religion.

Of course, people at your local neighbourhood church or synagogue or temple or other place of worship are either going to deny this or be blissfully ignorant of it, but speaking with parishioners isn’t going to tell you what the powers that be have planned, any more than speaking to an assembly-line worker will be helpful in terms of corporate policy.

You can’t state authoritatively that “the state has no religion” because there’s so much religion built in, from our politics to our courtrooms to our penal systems. The “rehabilitation” of prisons largely consists of 12-steps-like folderol.

Religion, for Human beings, is and always has been the most evil force on the planet. As such it merits a damned-good whacking, and to be put in its place, once and for all.

I fully agree with you on this. It has become so difficult to avoid religion. I can only talk about India with confidence as i was born and brought up there. We were taught Christianity in school and the subject was called “Moral Science”. The constitution brags about equality which is the 1st of Fundamental Rights. The same constitution mentions reservation for castes which completely religion based.

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