Gouging a Wound in Healthy Flesh

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07 December 2015 14:02

Yuansou said to the assembly:

“If you do not listen truly, you will call the bell a pitcher, and inevitably wind up adding error to error, talking about “Buddha,” “Zen masters.” “mind,” and “essence.”  How is this different from gouging a wound in healthy flesh?

“Real Zennists set a single eye on the state before the embryo is formed, before any signs become distinct.  This opens up and clears the mind, so that it penetrates the whole universe.  Then they are no different from the Buddha and the founder of Zen.

“This is called the crowning meditation, the jewel that reflects all colors, the inexhaustible treasury, the gateway to spiritual powers, the diamond sword, the crouching lion, the blaze - there are various names for it.

“Now there is nothing in the universe, nothing mundane or transmundane, to be an object, an opposite, a barrier, or a hindrance to you.”

(Yuansou quoted from the book, ‘ZEN ESSENCE - The Science of Freedom’ - translated and edited by Thomas Cleary)