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Poll: How Does It Feel Being Intellectually and Physically Inferior To Me?

I’m at peace with it, but thanks for asking.

It’s often a bit off-putting but extremely humbling nonetheless.

I’m embarrassed by how good looking you are.

Can I have some money?


Happy Friday (Poll)

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10 December 2016 10:13
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Jefe - 09 December 2016 01:27 PM

My beer fund could use shoring up.

I told you: Toke more, drink less, and drinking less = making certain that you drink higher quality beers, which in turn makes you smoke… What was I saying?

I’m allergic to weed.  Whenever I smoked it (in my youth) it made me dizzy, talkative and…..hungry.

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10 December 2016 10:20
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GAD - 09 December 2016 04:59 PM

I’ll take the cash.

That’s cold. Let me ask you an honest question? Have you ever had Cocoa Puffs? If so, when was the last time you’ve eaten that or something substantially similair? The reason I’m asking is because I actually went camping this past weekend and, I kid you not, I ate cinnamon toast crunch. It was like crack for breakfast. It was delicious.

Oh yeah, I’ve had them all, Captain Crunch Crunchberry was my Kryptonite.

I never really ate cereal. I was more of a fruit, meat, eggs, waffles, yogurt, and/or espresso guy. That and I’m not really a fan of sugar. But we were doing a throw back thing so everyone brought, among some other things, a box of cereal. My buddy had Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and washed it down with a stout. I tried some. What an amazing combination.

As a teen I ate it until my mouth bleed. Now I eat Go Lean and Captain Crunch is a dessert.

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