Science and logic in officer involved shootings

Dave C.
Dave C.
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13 January 2017 21:04

The recent news story about the Arizona man who assisted the officer that was attacked on a highway has re-kindled an idea I had been tossing around in my head based on the current state of the arguments over racially motivated shootings, Black Lives Matter, and the proper use of police force.  The point being the incident in Arizona appears to be a shinning example of someone doing everything correctly.  He asked the officer if he wanted help FIRST.  He THEN went and got his firearm.  He then commanded the alleged assailant to get off the officer giving him WARNING.  He then shot to KILL.  After the investigations are complete I hope that this is stressed in the media coverage that this is an extreme situation and the only the result of this situation is within the law and worthy of commendation is because of the extreme care, caution and restraint in which it was handled.  Examples of things being done correctly or incorrectly can be used as Educational tools.

It seems to me that there could be a nationally developed (20?) point test agreed to by police, community leaders, and whatever agency would administrate it that would rate incidents on a scale of justified to criminal.  The 20 point test is then used to create training videos not only for the police but also for the public.  Having people know the rules and being able to see that they are being scientifically followed might help ease tension and stop all incidents being lumped together.  If there is a charge of racial motivation it is sent to the independent review board.  Obviously there will be concern over money and local agencies losing the ability to handle things themselves, but at this point wouldn’t all parties involved think that it was worth it.

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Dave C. - 13 January 2017 09:04 PM

The recent news story ... Black Lives Matter, ...

I’ve seen that so much - they’re even putting it on sections of the front start page of some games now.

The thing is, that not only does it go without saying, but there is a not-even-remotely-close-to-subtle implication that saying it means others don’t.

Of course Black Lives Matter, but so do green, pink, violet, even white, heck go rainbow. *Everybody’s* lives matter… and saying “X lives matter” has an unambiguous implication that nobody else’s does.

Like, they could just say “Black lives MATTER. Just as much as everyone else’s.” or whatever.

Oh well, just MHO.  Black lives do matter. So does everyone else’s.. well, except one or two I could think of, but we’ll fix all that with the AI.  wink