The New Layout

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26 January 2017 15:58

The New Layout

If you are reading this post, the Ubers must have done the deed. Welcome to the Sam Harris Forum for 2017!

First, a quick explanation of the new sections…

The Books

Now includes a sub-forum for each of The Boss’s books plus one for other authors worth mentioning here.

What’s New?

This section is media-related with a sub-forum for all The Boss’s Waking Up Podcasts. A second forum is for links and comments about other podcasts and videos with or without The Boss. Our old news forum is included here and encourages political news items. No old news, please. And now, the new home of The Trump Dump of Contemporary Politics.

The Halls of Critical Thinking

This section of the forum is reserved for high-class discussion and debate. Do not post there unless you have comprehensively read the entire thread, thought about it, walked the dog or mowed the lawn, thought about it some more and are fully prepared, sober and relaxed.

No memes, tweets or trolling period. No Utoob links to relevent pop songs. No links or attachments unless they are plainly relevant and workplace-friendly.

A polite and respectful decorum is expected as if these discussions were taking place at Grandma’s house. Not your Grandma with the mohawk and the gun collection. Mart’s Grandma.

The threads within will be strictly protected and moderator actions will be swift and god-like.


Faith and Reason  

This section includes many familiar sub-forums that now invite testimoney and comments. A few sub-forums have been combined but everything is still here.

This section is less strictly moderated but as always, we ask nicely if we can all get along. There is always taking it to The Klein Bottle.

A new sub-forum “The Hall of Holy Grails’ now appears at the bottom. This is for everything from The Greatest Idea Ever in the History of Mankind to your simple handy tips to improve reality for everybody. New theories of consciousness and/or reality however bold or tame belong here. Some existing threads will migrate here. We will expect that every thread started here will have at least one person who takes it as a serious offering. This can be more than our Shooting Gallery. We’ll see.


The Forum Fixtures

It has been here all along but now it is plainly labeled.

The former ‘General Discussion’ is now The Forum Funway and the place to find all our unique features and all that FUN stuff we’ve been sticking there all along. We still expect that everyone be nice to the newbies especially if they bother to make an intro thread. The familiar ‘Entertaiment’ thread will reside here.

There is a new sub-forum bearing a name that will soon if not already become synonomous with Political Theater. This will serve two purposes. It will allow the Politics forum to be about politics again as that sub-forum takes a place in The Halls of Critical Thinking. It is clear that we are going to need a dedicated space in which to express (in varied forms) the dreadful feelings and serious concerns about the new You-Know-What of the You-Know-Where. 


The Rest

The usual stuff found at the bottom of a main page. All patrons are encouraged to use them as needed.


There will be some shuffling around ahead. Some threads will be moved to better homes. Notifications will be sent. This is Step One. Please feel free to comment or criticize or suggest a tweak.

Next up: Pick your vaguely defining and completely elective Member Designation…



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