Comments on the New Layout

Nhoj Morley
Nhoj Morley
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26 January 2017 20:04

The Ubers have approved and implemented the plan that I submitted to them for updating. 90% anyway.

Please feel welcome to complain, moan, castigate or lobby for a new moderator. Or give it chance. The intention behind the changes is to make the forum easier to use for all our varied patrons. It is based on all the requests, suggestions, pleas, insults and encouragements I have received over the years.

Some patrons have asked for a more serious and less gadfly tone. Some desire a open frontier of expression. We have both now. Formal toward the top, informal toward the bottom of the main page.

Evolution was coming either by me or someone unfamiliar with all the goings on. There is still room for improvement and all input is desired.

‘Tis Nhoj Season. Do you want to shoot me now, or wait til we get home?