Religion VS Perils/Promise of Science

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19 August 2005 05:35

Dear fellow members,

I work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where, among other activities, research is conducted in simulating artificial societies.  Recently, a large-scale supercomputer study was released simulating the effects of a terror strike in virtual cities in the United States.  See:

Along these lines, I have recently published a science fiction book to popularize the state-of-the-art research ideas I like to work on regarding transhuman conflict ( ISBN: 1419609440 ).  It received a glowing review from a New York Times best selling author.  It is available at at:

The "Buy Now" button is missing (will be fixed in a few days) BUT the "1 used & new" button works.

I encourage you to read the online reviews and would welcome feedback from fellow members.

With warm regards,