Campbell’s biases as an Admin here on the SH forum.

Dennis Campbell
Dennis Campbell
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02 February 2017 14:29

As a new Admin, I am shocked by the realization I don’t have a button to add to my investments, nor to require everyone to love me.  I’ve been an admin in two other forums, neither one of which ever flew, all due to me of course.  No admin can create posts, apart from their own, this forum depends on the initiative, writing skills, judgement, education and personality of other posters.  Not admins.  But we do have biases, limits, guidelines, etc., and we must sometimes curtail some posters usually against their agreement.  My parameters include:

1. The published guidelines of this forum

2. Civility in all “Hall” section posts, with some quite small allowance for the rare exception.  That poster’s history will have an influence.

3. No one will be allowed to attack the character of any admin by a public post.  PM as you wish.  I see that and that post is gone. 

4. Truly bizarre posts in the “Halls” section will be removed.  I judge “bizarre.”  Examples include Holocaust deniers, 911 conspiracy posts, and any claim that I abuse my dog.  These can be posted in the funway section.

5. I will delete any post I see that explicitly denigrates any gender, ethnicity, age or beard length.  Such a deletion may occasion a pointed PM, or just a suspension.

6. I do not have a “private line” to Sam Harris.  We three admins here are just patient, plodding, peasants picking in the peanut pasture preferring pleasing posts preclusive of punishment.

7. I do not seek to sanction posts with which I may disagree.  That’s up to the membership and not any admin. IMO it is not the job of admins to judge post content, subject to a few exceptions, that’s what the membership does.

8.  I will intervene to the least degree possible.  But, if I do, then I will risk “Darth Campbell” with no sleep lost.

9.  There are times, though rare, when a new poster appears who seems to be fragile, unhinged, barely coherent, rambling and “splattering” across multiple threads.  If they’re responsive to moderation by PM, fine.  If not, I may suspend them for a time not determined,  to protect them more than the forum.  Always difficult and not easily anticipated by any “rules.”  I’ve only seen that a handful of times across 10 years.

10.  I scan as many posts as possible, everyday, but there’s no way all are scanned by me.  Therefore if some posts strikes any member as violating the Rules, please Report or PM me.

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