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Jordan Peterson 2.0

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25 November 2017 00:09

In order:

1: Opinion: Loss of christianity: good. Increase of islam: bad. Generally, i’m happy with more brown people in my country, but i don’t want their religion. Bring the positive parts of the culture by all means.

2: Maybe: Because there is no way of knowing what it would be in another world.

3: Ethnic identity: And is this a good thing? Why?

4: I don’t invite the religion. I invite people. I’d prefer they leave that behind.

5: I do address it. Yes, it’s replacing christianity as the dominant religion. this is a mixed blessing. part is good, part is bad. My answer is to try to secularize them, by the best available means. Generally by actively embracing them in our culture, rather than ghettoizing them.

6: additionally, i hear constantly that atheists embrace islam. And yet, not once have i seen any atheist do so. None of my friends, no youtubers, or any atheist speaker. Still waiting for evidence on that one.

7: Not a lab standard. But ANY would be a start.

8: Who cares who breeds? The problem is the religious belief.

9: i don’t care to stop immigration. I care to change it. If i were to wave my magic wand, i’d open the doors wider, but with far more interviews, and with clear descriptions of western secular values, and the understanding that if they want in, they embrace them. Actual details and execution of the plan to be determined by actual experts.

10: I care if he believes in magic, because it informs me about the quality of his thought. Whether he’s proselytising or not, thoughts inform actions.

11: Yes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPIh1xQiuI8&index=59&list=PLRipNHDrkbDkpjtdNExeaqAVAms8nWbrx Yes, he accepts the possibility that a person ‘fully aligned with the logos’ might actually be able resurrect themselves from death. That’s magic.
No, he’s not being metaphorical, or talking about their legacy or teachings.

12: Substitute? No. However i do not trust people who are this irrational. What else might they believe? What might they do?

13: Evaluating? Incorrect. I evaluate what he says. But i also am informed by my understanding of his motivations. And my suspicions of him. I do not have these concerns with Richard Dawkins. Or Sam.

14: Rational. No one is perfectly rational. But it is something to aspire to. It is not irrational to brand a person as having irrational beliefs, if they espouse beliefs which are irrational. such as the belief that a person could resurrect themselves from the dead. There is no evidence that this is possible, and substantial evidence that this is not possible.
To accept that this is a possibility, is not rational.
And that this is a greater level of irrationality that the smaller irrational acts that the rest of us carry out.

Note that at no point have i ever claimed that everything JP says is invalid BECAUSE he believes irrational things, simply that i do not hold him in as high a regard as i once did.

No more essays. IF you can’t keep your point down to the size of your last couple paragraphs, i’m not responding.

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