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Brother Mario

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09 September 2019 11:35
Brother Mario - 08 September 2019 08:57 PM

. . . all people who know and love God . . .


The Spanish missions of California have long been misrepresented as places of benign and peaceful coexistence between Franciscan friars and California Indians. In fact, the mission friars enslaved the California Indians and treated them with deliberate cruelty. “A Cross of Thorns” describes the dark and violent reality of Mission life. Beginning in 1769, California Indians were enticed into the missions, where they and their descendents were imprisoned for 60 years of forced labor and daily beatings.


Despite the rosy image painted by the Catholic Church to cover up his reign of terror, Father Serra was a key figure in the destruction of Native communities from Baja to Northern California. He carried out the church’s policies established in the Papal Bulls of the 15th century (the Doctrine of Discovery) that gave Christian colonizers divine permission to dispossess, enslave, rape and kill anyone who resisted their efforts to claim land and resources and establish Christianity.

Father Junipero Serra, traveling north from Mexico with the Spanish Army, established a series of missions in which the military imprisoned Indigenous peoples. The missions were concentration camps. Soldiers indiscriminately rounded up Indians and brought them to the missions where they were enslaved, whipped, and tortured.  Large numbers died, many from diseases that they were vulnerable to because of harsh working conditions, constant punishment, malnourishment, crowded and filthy living conditions, and being cut off from community and culture. So many were starved or worked to death that the priests continually complained they did not have enough workers to grow food. Spanish soldiers raped Native women; children were separated from their parents; people were not allowed to speak their native languages, wear indigenous clothes, practice their cultural rituals, or to leave.  Running away was brutally punished—sometimes by Serra himself. Tens of thousands were killed as a result of this military/church alliance that exterminated entire Native peoples and cultures. “The Native American population of coastal California was reduced by some 90% during seventy years under the sole proprietorship of Serra’s mission system.”[2] Some of the soldiers and priests involved with the mission were so appalled by the level of violence that they spoke out against it. According to historian Alvin Josephy, what happened in California “was as close to genocide as any tribal people had faced, or would face, on the North American continent.”[3] Over 150,000 California Indians died under this system that Junípero Serra developed and supervised.

Brother Mario
Brother Mario
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09 September 2019 11:47

First, Bruce, I’m not complaining about you attacking me, because the “medicine” I’m giving you is needed while I am quite confident that I am not doing anything sickly.

Second, our interactions over the years went like this (and you can easily look it up):

You told the skeptic idiots (and they are idiots, but you’re not clever enough to understand it) here that there is only “faith” in God and no “knowledge” of God, which means that God is doing nothing substantially revealing that can become knowledge.

And I responded to you by telling you to be quiet because you are putting your limited experience of God up as the only experience of God.

And then you further responded by telling me that my experiences of God were valid, but not what I think they were because I was just acting like a Catholic.

And I would ask you questions like, “Was Jesus only a person of ‘faith’, or did he truly know and love God?” or “Was Paul actually given a certain knowledge of Jesus through Jesus presenting himself to him and speaking directly to him, or was he given some dream-like trance that he had to interpret through his ‘faith’”?

And you would not answer me, but wait until Dennis or some other idiot friend of yours wrote something truly stupid about God and I attacked him, and then you would join with them with ad hominem attacks on me, saying things like, “Mario thinks he’s God’s prophet.”

Anyway ...

Salt Creek was the epitome of a skeptic idiot, and he was the one who attacked you relentlessly. And he certainly was not a person who any clever person would go out of their way to visit.

You’re not fooling me. He and Dennis and probably most of the other skeptics idiots you visited were boring and impersonal as shit. Dennis especially must have been a real disappointment. But you met with these fools and then spoke about them in glowing terms, lying bullshit glowing terms. They were idiots not worth a visit. Be honest.

Your desperate need to get along with people does not come from the Holy Spirit, but from your own lack of convictions.

Humanity doesn’t need a person like you because the stakes are too high and the world is getting more evil.

The Devil truly exists, and he is the being in control around here. Your niceties towards the ridicule and complete ignorance of God only help to hide him. “We’re all just bozos on the bus” is his little idea that keeps people from turning to God and becoming greater than they could even imagine they could become.

You are too busy spending (your wife’s?) money on having an easy life of travel, drinking, and eating to seek the love of God that truly will transform you (and her?) into living fully alive, which means giving your money away whenever someone in need comes before you, spending time on others rather than yourself, keeping close to your family and becoming a true spiritual influence in their lives, changing the lives of everyone you meet because everyone you meet has most likely only experienced persons who are not transformed by the power of God all around and within them, and so much more besides.

You’ll never get it. You’ll die in your insignificance, and with every penny and minute accounted for, and with a long line of missed opportunities to do the will of God—the true and profound and transformative will of God that presents itself to us every day all day long, and sometimes at a very high temporary cost to us.

And being a person who has dared to learn about the Lord, you know deep down that this failure of yours is the truth.

God did not reveal himself to you for you to superficially act nice to people, but for you to help everyone you meet overcome themselves and the world. To receive a revelation from God is to become a light in the darkness of this world.

But you just belly up at the bar and give Christianity lip service.

This is how I “attack” you. And you think I do it “relentlessly” because you know I speak the truth, and the Holy Spirit is of course expecting you to properly repay the gifts you have been given. “To him who was given more ... ” And the spirit never rests.

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