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Look At The Birdie

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05 August 2021 08:16

Thanks LadyJane for your poem and for relaying the latest insights of your property’s discerning inhabitants.  It quacked me up too!

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06 August 2021 13:03

Meanwhile…Trotsky and Frida discuss my latest Monet impression.  Tout le monde est critique.

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20 August 2021 11:30

Opossum#1 What a week, eh?
Opossum#2 Kind of depressing actually.
Opossum#1 Yeah.  The trick is finding a way to remain optimistic without becoming delusional.
Opossum#2 How do you know when you’ve crossed that line?
Opossum#1 You don’t.  Someone has to tell you.
Opossum#2 How do you know which someone to trust?
Opossum#1 Developing a keen sense of pattern recognition and bullshit detecting.
Opossum#2 Sounds rather complicated.
Opossum#1 This is primarily a problem for humans.  Animals are far less full of shit.
Opossum#2 Is it on account’a that ego business?
Opossum#1 To a large extent.  Reciprocal ass kissing reinforces the concept.
Opossum#2 What would be the point of that?  It’s nice to be nice but how much gratuity does it take?
Opossum#1 Anyone worth their salt is willing to be honest.  Even when the truth hurts.
Opossum#2 Especially as a friend.
Opossum#1 They may be too self serving at this point.
Opossum#2 I guess the truth is less important than keeping those egos inflated.
Opossum#1 Hiding their shortcomings is sort of their downfall.
Opossum#2 Once that becomes obvious it’s hard to take them seriously. 
Opossum#1 It’s hard to take them seriously most of the time.
Opossum#2 You said it.  Every time I think they’re turning a corner they go further off the rails.
Opossum#1 Politics is pervading everything.  The health of children.  The perception of enemies.  The concept of fairness.
Opossum#2 So much doesn’t make sense.
Opossum#1 Like what?
Opossum#2 Like why Republicans think Democrats are worse enemies than the Taliban.
Opossum#1 They don’t realize it’s what they are saying.
Opossum#2 How do you figure?
Opossum#1 Most folks are mixed up.  They’ve only recently started paying attention to politics and never taken an interest in history.
Opossum#2 Unabashedly so and yet never seem to run out of uniformed opinions.
Opossum#1 Oh, aye, gotta love that!  A little bit of knowledge is very dangerous thing.
Opossum#2 Is that what accounts for the arsenal of blowing smoke? 
Opossum#1 Pretty much.
Opossum#2 That can’t be how they get away with it all.  Can it?
Opossum#1 There used to be more debate.  Where ideas could be discussed and logically disputed.
Opossum#2 And now?
Opossum#1 Now people are disputed.  Dismissed anyway.
Opossum#2 How is that accomplished?
Opossum#1 Someone declares himself an expert and any argument is met with “you just don’t get it.”
Opossum#2 No way.  That’s total crap.
Opossum#1 Yes, yes it is.
Opossum#2 That amounts to the same thing folks say about that “God” character.
Opossum#1 It’s what people resort to when they haven’t the mettle to finish what they start.
Opossum#2 That’s some heavy mettle.  Again…how do they get away with this?
Opossum#1 Convincing enough people they are the authority on a subject and repeating it enough times until it’s true. 
Opossum#2 But it’s not true.
Opossum#1 I know.  But it’s enough of a distraction so they never have to prove it.
Opossum#2 As magical as it is diabolical.
Opossum#1 Anything to maintain the illusion of being at the top of the food chain.
Opossum#2 It beats surrounding yerself with bottom feeders.
Opossum#1 Except it’s what you become while pretending to be an authority when yer not.  But don’t tell them that.
Opossum#2 They’d never accept that version of reality.
Opossum#1 Maybe someday.  If they ever stop patting themselves on the back for being so star spangled awesome.
Opossum#2 Instead of getting angry at thoughtful people for making them feel stupid couldn’t they just get smarter?
Opossum#1 I don’t see why not.
Opossum#2 They seem to prefer attacking the people instead of the things that people say.
Opossum#1 I think it’s less of a preference and more of an inability to defend the stupid ideas.
Opossum#2 Why would anyone defend stupid ideas?
Opossum#1 They can’t admit the ideas are stupid.  Even if they come to believe they are.  It’s considered a sign of weakness.
Opossum#2 Good grief.  Only for humans.
Opossum#1 Once they’ve started digging they get to a point they can no longer see out of the hole that they’re in.
Opossum#2 When you put it that way…it kinda makes me feel sorry for them.
Opossum#1 Yeah, well, don’t.  Two words: Fur Trade.
Opossum#2 Quite right.  Fuck ‘em.  They dug their own graves. 
Opossum#1 And they consider it groundbreaking work.
Opossum#2 That’s the optical delusion.

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03 September 2021 09:37

Bat#1 Thought you might be hanging out here.
Bat#2 Just relaxing with a belly full of mosquitos.
Bat#1 Humans love us for that proclivity. 
Bat#2 Plenty of reasons to love bats.
Bat#1 Ever wonder what it’s like to be a human?
Bat#2 I’m still trying to wrap my wings around being a bat.
Bat#1 Come up with anything yet?
Bat#2 Not really.  Thinking about it makes me feel like a pompous ass.
Bat#1 Yeah.  Humans don’t seem to have that problem.
Bat#2 Do you suppose that’s what it’s like to feel like a person?
Bat#1 Generally.  Arrogance is fairly common.
Bat#2 Gross.  I think I’d rather be a bat.
Bat#1 They’re going to kill themselves if they don’t get it together.
Bat#2 The pandemic you mean?
Bat#1 More like the way they choose what to believe about it.
Bat#2 Are they under the impression diseases care what they believe?
Bat#1 Some of them are yes.
Bat#2 No wonder they end up in limbo so much.
Bat#1 Taking things for granted is par for the course.
Bat#2 Fence sitting evades the open endedness to unanswerable questions.
Bat#1 It’s just a position of non committal.  Just viewed from a higher perch. 
Bat#2 Often one with a stick up its arse.
Bat#1 It avails a great chance to reflect on the fly by night nature of perception and the illusion of permanence.
Bat#2 I love flies by night.  Yum.  Is that what that Rush song is about?
Bat#1 I’m pretty sure.
Bat#2 Are humans aware of what they are doing?
Bat#1 Almost never.
Bat#2 That explains the shortage of ivermectin.
Bat#1 Yep.  And animals need that stuff.  Instead it’s going to desperate anti vaxxers for no reason.
Bat#2 What about medicine do they not understand?
Bat#1 A lot.  And the less they know the less they trust doctors.
Bat#2 That sounds backwards.  And upside down. 
Bat#1 Heh.  Irony.
Bat#2 They’d have died off long ago had they not figured that much out.
Bat#1 They have a habit of looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Bat#2 Well, chances are, that horse is gonna be riddled with worms now.
Bat#1 Stupid eh?
Bat#2 Oh, aye.  And selfish. 
Bat#1 The real kicker is they had the option all along.
Bat#2 They sure like to thumb their noses at preventable illnesses.
Bat#1 Then want immediate and undivided attention when it comes a knocking.
Bat#2 They aren’t very realistic.
Bat#1 Currently it’s more important to disagree with the establishment no matter what they say.
Bat#2 That sounds hasty.
Bat#1 Plenty of ways to do that but it’s important to know which ones.  They’re not all bad.
Bat#2 Sounds like too many followers and not enough leaders.
Bat#1 That’s why you see so many copy cat repeaters with nothing original to say.
Bat#2 That’s why I never understood copyright.
Bat#1 Yes, they get so attached to ideas they want to own them.
Bat#2 That’s silly.  You can’t own an idea.
Bat#1 I know.  But if you get a patent you can feel like you do and lord it over others.
Bat#2 Say what?  Like a god?
Bat#1 Like a vaccine.
Bat#2 No way.  Why would making money matter more than saving lives?
Bat#1 That is quintessentially what is means to be human.
Bat#2 Then, no question, I’d rather be a bat. 
Bat#1 Pretending is something people excel at when they can’t reconcile the truth in reality.
Bat#2 That’s delusional.  And everyone is just supposed to look the other way?
Bat#1 It’s what you get from having your science and feeding it woo.
Bat#2 Sacre Bleu.

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04 September 2021 06:53

Thanks LJ - your critters have such great and common sense insights.

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04 September 2021 14:37

I bet French speaking bats who listen to Rush are pretty rare in forum communities.  That’s gotta be worth a security certificate.  Triste.


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06 September 2021 08:19

Turtle#1 You look puzzled.
Turtle#2 Is the water normally that high this time of year?
Turtle#1 Nope.
Turtle#2 I thought not.  What gives?
Turtle#1 Climate Change.
Turtle#2 Damn.  I thought the humans were getting on that.
Turtle#1 Yeah.  They’re pretty much all talk.
Turtle#2 This is time sensitive.  What clock are they using?
Turtle#1 The one that makes the white man the most amount of money.
Turtle#2 Wow.  That is dark.
Turtle#1 I’ve seen enough.  A lot of totally avoidable tragedies.  And I’m running out of patience.
Turtle#2 They’ve definitely had plenty of time to change their ways.
Turtle#1 People who get too comfortable tend to search for reasons good ideas will never work.
Turtle#2 That explains why women and people of colour are treated like second class citizens.
Turtle#1 Power corrupts.  And mother nature doesn’t care a whit about the almighty dollar.
Turtle#2 She sure wreaks havoc on the poor though.
Turtle#1 They’re just ill equipped for dealing with storms.  That is by design.
Turtle#2 Either that or God hates mobile homes.
Turtle#1 Don’t even get me started. 
Turtle#2 I bet it would cost less for the government to supply every home with solar panels than deal with the aftermath of power outages.
Turtle#1 And nobody would have to die.
Turtle#2 There’s nothing more ridiculous than humans treading water sputtering on about how it’s all part of God’s plan.
Turtle#1 Yes there is.
Turtle#2 What’s that?
Turtle#1 Ever heard of the Creationist Museum?
Turtle#2 Is it an art museum or one of natural history?
Turtle#1 There’s nothing natural about it.
Turtle#2 I thought humans enjoyed mapping evolution.
Turtle#1 The internet gave them the opportunity to focus on individual family trees.  They seem to prefer that.
Turtle#2 Aren’t they ever so special. 
Turtle#1 As special as trees can be when they don’t have any branches.
Turtle#2 I thought museums were built for educational purposes.
Turtle#1 I don’t know what anyone can learn from watching Jesus ride a dinosaur through a petting zoo of unicorns.
Turtle#2 That sounds pretty cool actually.
Turtle#1 Why I oughta…
Turtle#2 It’s very insulting to those of us who have the flexibility to adapt.
Turtle#1 They don’t like to admit when they cheat.
Turtle#2 I love learning new things.  Then passing it along.  It’s so much fun.
Turtle#1 Some folks like to hoard knowledge so they feel like they’re the only ones who know.
Turtle#2 What would be the point of that?
Turtle#1 People need a lot of reassurance for some reason.  It makes them feel better about themselves somehow
Turtle#2 Get out of town.
Turtle#1 They need to believe they invented the idea.  It’s very strange.
Turtle#2 In order for that to feel better you’d have to start out fairly insecure wouldn’t ya?
Turtle#1 They don’t like to admit that either.  Their fragility scares them as much as their mortality.  Maybe more.
Turtle#2 So basically the more they put on the threat display the more empty they are inside?
Turtle#1 It explains weaponry.  You know those helmets soldiers wear?
Turtle#2 Yeah.
Turtle#1 They got that from us.
Turtle#2 Say what?  They stole that from us?
Turtle#1 Yep.  When I first heard that I snapped.  Then I realized it was sort of a compliment.
Turtle#2 They look so stupid running around with their limbs flailing brandishing guns they barely know how to use.
Turtle#1 At least they’re protected from the forehead up.
Turtle#2 Is there some sort of glitch in the mind body connection?
Turtle#1 Only for those who stop moving.
Turtle#2 What wins the day for humans…reason or faith?
Turtle#1 I think if they relied on the facts they’d make better use of both.
Turtle#2 Epistemic vigilance is a precautionary tail.
Turtle#1 Where’d you hear that?
Turtle#2 A crazy frog I used to know.  Quite the creative genius he was.  Til he caught that nasty cold.
Turtle#1 At least he avoided what we’re witnessing now.
Turtle#2 I wish I could help but I don’t know how to turn things around.
Turtle#1 It’s already too late.
Turtle#2 How do you know?
Turtle#1 Coz it was already too late twenty years ago.
Turtle#2 Then why do humans keep acting like they can still change?
Turtle#1 Politics.  Money.  War.  But the jig is up.  And empires are falling.
Turtle#2 Everything nowadays seems to be followed by the words Industrial Complex.
Turtle#1 I think it’s time for everyone to stop with the wishful thinking and put their helmets on.
Turtle#2 Pity.  I was just starting to come out of my shell.

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