Poll: Are you interested in hearing Sam interview guests re genetic, anatomical, or physiological ’brain defenses’?



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Podcast Suggestion: ‘Brain Defense’ in criminal law; paradigms re ‘criminal justice-’ vs ‘criminal rehab’ systems (guest ideas: James Fallon &/or Kevi

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Dr. Harris has stated in one space or another that he can anticipate a time when findings related to one’s neuroanatomy or chemistry could be regularly described in criminal proceedings as part of a ‘brain defense’ offered by attorneys.
    I am writing this post to inquire whether podcast listeners have an interest in hearing more about:

(1) the state of such science today (including gene variants for psychopathy, schizophrenia, violent tendencies)

(2) whether or when neuroanatomical or physiological evidence of potential for criminality, psychopathy, etc, will ever be on a par with DNA evidence in court proceedings

(3) how current paradigms re prisons as places for ‘punishment’ vs ‘rehabilitation’ might change with the state of the science

(4) what any of this could mean in terms of ‘psychological profiling’ by employers, government agencies, military admins, general practitioners, maybe even matchmaking service providers

(5) how claims of ‘temporary insanity’ might change re physical exhaustion, etc (thinking of Gianforte’s body-slam defense here)

  As for guests, I imagine Dr. Harris could speak to neuroscientists, lawyers, and journalists/authors who cover this area. Dr. Harris & the podcast listening audience will surely have no shortage of interesting persons they’d like to hear from. I myself know nothing of the field but will mention two persons I recently learned of in case others need a place to start.

Kevin Davies: author of ‘The Brain Defense’ (Feb 2017). This book describes the trial of a retired NY executive alleged to have thrown his wife out a window after a cyst the size of an orange developed in his cranium.

Dr. James Fallon of UC Irvine:  inadvertently discovered neuroanatomical evidence of his own psychopathic tendencies in an imaging pilot study.  Gave a TED talk & several interviews on the matter.

Some proposition related to ‘brain defenses’ would also be great fun in an IQ2 Debate.

C-SPAN video of Kevin Davies:

Fallon on TED: