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Libertarian Agnostic Austin Petersen running for US Senate

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26 July 2017 10:06

First time poster here. Big fan of Harris and came here because I would love to see Sam Harris talk with Austin Petersen. I’m trying to do everything I can to have an outspoken and well informed agnostic/atheist in DC.

I’ve been supporting Austin Petersen since his run for President last year, under the Libertarian Party. If you haven’t heard of him, he is one of the biggest faces of libertarianism, he is an outspoken agnostic, and he is the frontrunner for the US Senate in Missouri. His twitter is http://twitter.com/ap4liberty and I would like to hear what you think about him. He is the frontrunner now, but will probably be contested by several Christians in the republican party.

Also, I understand Harris doesn’t endorse libertarianism, but do any of you? If not what is the primary reason? If Harris and Petersen did talk, I would be especially interested in moral luck, immigration, Islam, UBI, and atheism political philosophy as topics..

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27 July 2017 01:18

I, as a matter of course, give people who are pigeon-hole by labels, a wide birth — be they religious or non religious, in their convictions.  For their ilk all labour under the yoke of ideology; and thus, present as having a connectomal structure (brain wiring) wrought in place to facilitate whatever proclivity they may be inclined towards.  This inherently precludes their propensity for clear and rational thought processing, thereby rendering these people little different than your garden variety godtard sheep.

Having said that, the candidate in question not being a actual godtard, is an unequivocal improvement over what has been and is on offer today.  So, yeah — I’d chuck a vote his way.  Wallowing in the feculent political nadir that the currently U.S. is, even a chimpanzee cosmonaut would be welcome…