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I believe that physics shapes everything. I don’t subscribe to most of orthodox physics, but I generally believe in a trend that physics has patterns and a rule-based nature.
Therefore, I don’t believe in free will, or any superstition; at all.

Now with all of that baggage out of my way, I can see the problems affecting humanity. I view humanity’s problems like animal problems; there are efficient ways to do things and there are inefficient ways to do things. My primary goal is to maximize human well-being and minimize human suffering. My secondary goal is to maximize the well-being of any life-form capable of feeling suffering.

With this world view, and these goals, the following are my ideas:

Resources in the universe appear to be infinite, but localized resources here on Earth, are, at least for the moment, not infinite.

Healthcare costs are closely related to the general health of a population - if you restrict access to unhealthy foods, encourage good diets and lifestyles, healthcare costs go down and you help solve the ‘root’ of the health crisis in a population. There is no magical bill or legislation or set of laws that can sustain an exceedingly unhealthy lifestyle throughout a population.

The ideal form of government is one where people are trained for specific roles, no matter what they may be. Training to be a politician, for example, to be in charge of all manner of laws is not an efficient pathway to prosperity.

At any given time, there is a certain population that exceeds what the wealth of the nation has to offer. Past this point, population growth is not helping. Population control would help, until either the resource-based wealth increases, or the population falls below the threshold.

The majority of developed-nation jobs today are irrational and mentally painful to most human beings to some degree. Retail salespersons, cashiers, office clerks, food prep workers, nurses, waiters, customer service people, janitors, ‘movers’ like truck drivers or shelf stockers, school teachers, etc. are all largely irrelevant and a waste of resources. Even where some jobs would be required, the number can easily be drastically reduced with very little human effort. Examples are, for retail salespersons, using an online service like Amazon, Ebay, etc instead of relying on traditional stores. There are many advantages to this. Products that can’t be ‘felt’ in a physical store, can have independently verified video reviews where people walk through how things ‘feel’, the quality of the product, etc. Almost every ‘excuse’ not to do something more efficient can be easily solved with a day of planning.

More examples: cashiers, largely obsolete by moving to online shops, self-service for the rest, minimal staff to deter theft and handle unknown variables
food prep workers: machines can automate this, and already do to a large degree, the next step is producing more sane foodstuffs that require less human oversight and provide more nutrition than flavor
school teachers: get the best lecturers for a given topic, have them do many video recordings, post them online for online school system; students still required to physically gather locally for development of social skills, taught how to be friendly and supportive and how to work together, how to identify and shame bullying and all other forms of division, rather than taught math only, using the physical closeness of students to teach social interaction rather than just arithmetic (which is gotten from video lectures instead). The online resources, and fellow students, become the teaching system. using the video material, students who don’t quite get it, can be expected to be helped by fellow students who do get it. when cooperation and friendliness is maximized among students (who are taught this by a very small staff of adults compared to current schools), fellow students make a viable substitute for teachers (along with the video material). Especially when the video material is of high quality. Making one amazing video lecture for 2,000 schools is far more efficient than a teacher lecturing the same lecture day after day to 15 students.

Religion: remove all instances of churches or other religious spaces, or just stop building them, save a lot of time and money, space, etc. Emphasize that human well-being is what is to be praised, and human suffering is what is to be avoided; to replace ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and to replace ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’.

It should be pretty obvious how all of these ideas would have a synergistic effect; the moment children are raised in schools not believing in divisive religions, are taught how to cooperate and support one another, etc. then crime rates go down, there is no need for a large police force or security personnel force, no need for as many prisons or rehab centers.

Ideology is central to what creates inefficiency and wastefulness in our modern world today. Simple changes at the fundamental ideological level in a population has far reaching consequences that drastically increases the prosperity of the population in both obvious and unforeseen ways. There is no need to focus on charities, to focus on being humane, or to focus on any other side-effect that can only be covered with a band-aid. The artery that is spewing blood is the current prevalent world view and free-will based blame and selfish ideology that leads to enormous wastefulness and suffering in all facets of civilization.

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