Dictionary is the First Religion

Shaikh Raisuddin
Shaikh Raisuddin
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23 August 2017 08:39

The meanings of words of any dictionary are not scientifically verified to mean what they ought to mean. Lexical meanings are socially conditioned meanings and not physical meanings.

We believe blindly the words and their meanings as they have been defined in dictionaries.

Science, religion, Law, education etc all are based on language and words. Without words there is neither of them. But words and their meanings are just beliefs initiated from “A for Apple”.

Science, religion are as true as our words.

Dictionary is misery of mankind. It gives birth to misunderstanding and conflict.

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24 August 2017 03:12

Dictionaries do get updated and refined to reflect common usage. New words get added. Some may get dropped. Nobody “worships” dictionaries. Religion on the other hand…

If anything is the misery of mankind, and gives birth to misunderstanding and conflict, it’s RELIGION.

Do YOU adhere to any religion? If so, which one?


Zardoz Speakz
Zardoz Speakz
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25 August 2017 09:13

It’s not called a dicktionary for nothing.  Dictionaries are an evil that should be stoned, bereaded [sic] and burnt—I’m being ironic.  If one does not find it educational, at least one might find it fun for looking up dirty words.

Dictionaries are useful tools for using language in a way that other people understand, and we use language to communicate so I don’t understand how it gives birth to meaning and conflict.  Sure you get some conflict among lexicographers, but it’s rarely bloody except when it has been people trying to define the tenets of a religion.  I do see arguments that are semantics-based, and I usually think that it would help dialectic if more people looked up dictionary definitions to see the various things that a word can mean. Commonly one can infer the specific meaning being used based on context.  There will always be misunderstandings, but dictionaries help us to speak the same language, and a better understanding of definitions can help to have more nuanced discussion.  Conflict existed long before dictionaries were produced.

I’m also interested to hear if you belong to a particular religion.  I’ve read a number of your posts, and followed a link of yours, and you seem to be in an alternative universe than the kind of people I would normally associate with following Sam Harris and posting at this website to be in.  How did you come to find yourself at this site?

By the way, I seem to remember reading that you are a petrochemical or petroleum engineer or some such thing (saw it last night when sleepy, I’m an insomniac to the extreme), surely you must require terminology in your field that is generally agreed upon and studied the definitions of that terminology.  If you’re talking to me about a project, reaching for a dictionary might help me to understand your professional lexicon, although as an environmentalist I I wish that I could avoid any reliance on petroleum products.

Nhoj Morley
Nhoj Morley
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01 September 2017 11:57

If a dictionary defines with authority, it is not a dictionary, but rather a Holy Book. A proper dictionary should be helplessly at the mercy of facts. Many words have no ambition to be facts and would rather be useful. Those will have to be in there as well. Like, bullshit.

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