POLL:  Are “The Young Turks” Inciting Racial Hatred Against White People?

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18 September 2017 10:45

TYT Promote a Race War

The video speaks for itself.  Please vote after watching the video.  Some footnotes:

1.  TYT used the word “Lynch” in the title, even though the child was not killed or even seriously injured, and “lynching” implies a racially motivated murder.

2.  TYT used “White Kids” in the title, as if that was a relevant factor in this nasty incident, which there is no evidence of.

3.  TYT covered this story and were perfectly happy to attach their own biases and talking points to it, but for some strange reason did not even touch the recent Fredrick Scott story or the Kori Ali Muhammad story…...two cases of black men murdering random white people.  Both these men had a documented history of anti-white statements and ACTUALLY KILLED PEOPLE.

It’s almost as if their audience doesn’t want to hear about black racists killing white people, or TYT just don’t want them to hear about it….

4.  Just listen to the mental gymnastics Cenk and Ana use in this segment to somehow tie the despicable actions of a few teenagers who happened to be white to all whites in America, and turn this story into an opportunity to hit their talking points about police racism, despite having no evidence race played a part in the police chief’s response.

TYT Praises Demographic Decline of “White” Christians

TYT’s video title:  “Hey White Christians…...Your Time is Up!!!!!”

If someone had a video title “Hey Brown Muslims…..Your Time is Almost Up! - that would rightly be seen as completely unacceptable, and even a veiled call to genocide.  What’s hilarious is that in the video, Cenk backtracks and tries to downplay the racial element of their video, which is completely explicit in their title.

Cenk’s Nephew Talks About “White Terrorism”

Cenk’s dumb nephew pretends that “white terrorism” is a category of terrorism.  More amazing racist mental gymnastics…..


What conclusions are we to draw from such an organization?  Can anyone, after watching AiU’s analyses honestly say that TYT doesn’t have a serious problem with being anti-white and doing whatever they can to slander them as a race?

And seeing as how TYT is so popular (though their ways are being caught onto), what does that say about the thirst in America for stories which portray white people as bad?  What does that say about the thirst in America to attach individual incidents which are extremely rare to overarching narratives about racism and hate in society, but only if those narratives point to white racism?

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18 September 2017 11:29
Quadrewple - 18 September 2017 10:45 AM

TYT Promote a Race War

The video speaks for itself.

It certainly does—in less than a minute even.

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19 September 2017 03:21

I think the Rod Stewart ripper offerers need to be given a steric of slack here.  For one thing, they’re in the U.S., and are operating in a zeitgeist beset by racial inquietude — arguably, rather skewed in the “white man’s” favour (considering the ‘Nero’ who current sits on the gold-plated toilet, of their modern day bastardisation of Rome).

However, the Armenian Genocide deniers-cum-“well… err… umm… ahh… SIX MILLION JEWISH SOULS!!” cadre of independent[¹] media moguls, do admittedly and unashamëdly lean towards the left side of the gormless goyim binary tribe ledger.

So, I think it should just be called a 0-0 draw (...for now).  Of course, one must always ensure the diversity of their news media intake is maintained: a diet consisting solely of TYT calories, isn’t much more healthy than one only of “right-wing” high fructose, corn-brained syrup.

[¹] Assuming TYT receive no Trilateral Commission, Soros or whatever funding.

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19 September 2017 07:50

Clearly they have an agenda, but who doesn’t when their revenue is dependent on angry people.

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19 September 2017 09:09

I have no regard for wannabe “newscasters” on wannabe “newschannels” on YouTube.  As soon as I see the tricked-out microphone and the “dramatic” backdrop, I exit the link.