“The Plight of the Rohingya People”

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19 September 2017 02:55

Just thought I’d defecate this pearl of wisdom here — in case someone comes across a bleeding heart, mainstream media brain-rotten individual (a.k.a. ‘liberal lumpen’), who cries them a river about the latest (titular) Moslem refugee related dislocation porn, and hasn’t any background into the situation beyond the misspelling of “Ung Song Sue Chee”:
Footage of Rohingya Asylum Seeker Setting himself Alight in Suburban Australian Bank (ABC AU)

• Myanmar Asylum seeker (“Nur Islam”) purportedly miffed at his visa application taking too long to process, and piqued by some banking withdrawal related dispute he had at the time
• decides to take some traditionally ‘halal bureaucratic action’, in order to cut through pesky immigration red tape
• saunters into local bank (of a predominately Chinese area… for whatever that’s worth) with a plastic canister full of fuel, proceeds to douse the floor at the entrance of the building and then “LIGHTS HIM UP!” (*old school gamer facetiae… sorry — couldn’t help myself)
• basted many, fried a few; as well as cooking himself medium rare halal
• gets a four-month hospital hiatus — at Australian tax-payer expense (”Oi! Oi! Oi!”™) — for his selfless overhaul of the AU immigration processing system
• subsequently, in an absurd display of “evil white man” racism / xenophobia / Islamophobia — perhaps even flavoured with a dash of kosher anti-Semitism (*unconfirmed… but some ‘Moshe’, somewhere, will surely be working on it) — gets unjustifiably fingered on over one hundred charges—pertaining to this truly great potential citizen’s philanthropic act of cultural enrichment
• pleads “not guilty” to trying to hurt anyone (despite CCTV footage unequivocally demonstrating the exact opposite)
• lays the blame at the feet of AU immigration processing prevarication and a lack of an un-policed, extant land bridge to Australia, from every Islamic theocracy on Allah’s (verily merciful and arsonist forgiving) Earth

...For, as we can all well can attest to, who doesn’t  sometimes feel the need to all go full Buddhist immolation, when shit gets bogged down in bureaucracy?


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