Celebration of Science & Reason Events

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20 September 2017 04:45

Hi All,
I’m going to the event in London in less than 2 weeks! I’m wondering if there will be books to buy at the event for signing? anybody has been to these events?
Can’t find any info…
I would assume that there will be books of both, R.Dawkins and Sam:)
Thanks a lot!

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03 October 2017 07:19

I attended the London “celebration” of science and reason. That was a dull, boring and uninspiring show! Sam Harris seemed totally jet lagged and grumbled a few words essentially to repeat hi well-known talking points, Richard Dawkins was obviously irritated to be on stage having to repeat things he has said hundreds of times and Matt Dillahunty was such a poor host… At the end of this ordeal Dillahunty asked Dawkins whether he wanted to say a few words to conclude, Dawkins flatly answered “No”. Dillahunty talks more than Harris & Dawkins put together, the topics raised seemed not only uninteresting (Dillahunty even went into a monologue about his mum’s incapacity to challenge her own beliefs) the topics were totally disjointed and made the whole discussion an incoherent mess. Don’t embarrass yourselves, don’t publish this on Youtube. The only good thing there was in this theater was the public eager to support science and reason…It would seem this public urgently needs to diversify its heroes, those who were on stage in London looked intellectually exhausted…

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