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02 October 2017 05:20

Less of a request, more a piece of feedback.
The ticketing for last night’s (excellent) event in London was shambolic. I speak as someone who has organised many ticketed events with hundreds or thousands of paying customers. Having been sent via email ‘printable tickets’ with a bar code and the row and seat number, we, along with hundreds of other fans, we were then told that meant we must queue to pick up our ‘proper’ ticket: which hilariously was a hard copy ticket in an envelope with our name on it, searched for by hand in a card index box by an understandably stressed-out box office person wearing a fixed smile. The effect of this piece of 20th century gimcrackery was a 40-minute wait in line, and the resultant delay of the evening’s start by 30 minutes.
From Sam’s recent apology at the start of a podcast for front of house issues at another recent event, it seems this is not the first time this has happened. Sam said that problem was beyond his control. This one certainly was not: get yourself some professional help! And thank you for a great evening of conversation with Richard Dawkins.