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Not even one mitzvah?

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I appreciate that age of innocent enthusiasm.

Me too. Some people I know and love like this I’m afraid that my skepticism will taint thier blissful ignorance that I’m so fond of. So I keep it superficial on certain things. But strangers are fair game. You just gotta get creative with how you fuck with them. Like, maybe next time let him do is thing and pretend to have a redicilious Tourette’s tick.

This particular kid made my memory flash back to the time when my kids believed I had most of the answers, and that life was pretty simple.  To me, this is one benefit of having lived long time (in my case nearly 60 years).  That is, every moment is linked to others, enriching the experiences.  Or ruining them…whatever.

I can’t imagine. Being the world to someone has to be the best feeling. I don’t have kids, and even though I recognize that my parents are hooligans, I still think that their life lessons are what formed me. And I love them to death for it. I will say, however, that most people don’t describe the time when thier kids were sponges as “simple.” LOL

Well, there was a brief window of time when I felt that my sons really trusted me to explain the world to them.  Now they explain the world to me.

Maybe, but also Bullshit. Wisdom comes with age regardless of even intelligence.

However, the young (in this case, in their late 20’s) can be uncannily insightful on occasion.  It is a delightful surprise.

I bet. 20 something’s have a lot of stuff on the brain. You gotta keep a couple of nice ones around so that you can stay connected to what’s up with your former more-energetic self.

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