I need your input on spreading Harris’ words in hungarian

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16 November 2017 03:26

Good Day!*

As the title says, I really could use some help on the “how to…” part of this quest of mine. I’ve come up with this idea quite long ago, I also contacted Harris (or thought I’ve contaced him, but it was probably the webmaster or somebody else), but haven’t really moved forward in this project. It’s basically about translating (as in adding subtitles to) the most important speeches, WUPs, debates, talks Harris gave. The reason for this (apart from my personal opinion, which is that Sam Harris is one of the greatest thinkers of our century (and the previous one, also)) is that not many things you can get from Harris in hungarian. There is only 1 book (Letter to a Christian Nation) that has been translated and bascially that’s it. I think many ppl missing out on him since their english skills aren’t developed enough, or simply they don’t have any. I’m not saying that I could easily translate most of Harris’ books (to be honest, I’ve only read two so far), but there are many online materials that could be made avaiable to hungarians. So, ‘just start adding hungarian subtitles to the vids bro, what’s the fuzz about?’ you might ask. Well, first thing is, I really don’t know which debates, WPUs, talks to start with. I’ve found Harris’ work through my journey of critical thinking in relation to religion, but I know there are many other interesting topics Harris is a master of, like AI, morals or meditation. I also don’t know if I should focus on the videos can be found only on Harris’ official youtube site or should I search for another videos all around the web? My second dilemma (which is basically the main reason I haven’t moved forward yet) is that I don’t really know how to raise some attention for this topic. I feel like simply adding subtitles isn’t enough, but I’m not really active on social media, so I can not really imagine me sharing all these videos on my personal Fb page. That also wouldn’t help me reach the audience I’m aiming for I guess. But the problem with any organised publication of these “now avaiable in hungarian” materials is that I really don’t want to appear as somebody who is gaining fame for Harris’ work. That’s why I don’t really think on making a blog where I can post the translated videos, or something like that. Maybe a fan page of Fb would be the closest to what I’m thinking of. Behind anonimity, and attracting people who are interested in Harris’ work, but aren’t avaiable to read them. I’m also thinking on deleting my google account for good, so adding subtitle to videos (where it is possible) might be a problem later on but that topic is for another day. Every idea is welcome, I’d really appriciate if we could work out a solution to spreading Harris’s word to more people. How about we just make an international collaboration and create a site where you can reach all the important videos in 30 or so languages… okay, I’m a bit ahead of myself:)

*I’ve been trying to figure out where this topic should fit, maybe I failed, but if anybody with the ability to move this to where it belongs finds this thread, please feel free to correct my mistake.