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Meditation Made Easy

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02 January 2018 10:34
jdrnd - 31 December 2017 08:19 AM

The article below points out that there is little evidence that meditation is beneficial.
Note that this is not a review article, but rather an article about an article.
This is not the first time on this forum that the evidence for the benfits of meditation have been questioned.

As there is little evidence (Pro or con), it is certainly possible that there are benefits.
Saying “well it can’t hurt” is not a reason to meditate.

Personal testimonials are not evidence.

As I (and others) have asked the theists to provide evidence that God exists,
I would suggest that the meditation enthusiasts provide evidence that Meditation is benficial.


Suppose a radio playing annoying music was placed in a birdcage near a crow’s favorite perch.  Would he learn to use a twig to reach the radio’s switch and turn it off?



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