Fears and Pleasures of Drowning Publicly

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10 April 2018 06:18

Thinking in public. Willingness to Be publicly, warts and all. Thank you.

For me, the dominant feature of episode 123 is emotion. Klein seemed both composed and tactical. The more Harris wound himself up, the more relaxed and assured Klein became. And at the end, when Klein said in effect, “Oh no you didn’t?!” Wow… Facepalm.

In the episode “#122—Extreme Housekeeping” Sam Harris has a sort-of Freudian slip when he declares the value of meditation as instrument, as escape. Again, facepalm. I am tempted to reference tilakkhana, Joseph Goldstein; but, clearly the info is in the brain. Synthesis, the aper├žu, what Steve Hagen presents in chapter 2 of, “Buddhism, Plain and Simple.”

The Pleasures of Drowning, 45th episode of the podcast. Fear of Drowning, 123rd episode.

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