The Ubiquity of Deadly Chemicals  

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15 April 2018 11:17

Why pretend that we’ve destroyed Assad’s chemical weapons factories?  Tons of chlorine are stashed everywhere - used for water purification and other purposes.  It can also be used in barrel bombs with horrific consequences.

What about nerve gas chemicals?  In a New York Times article, Nicholas Kristof calls the Dow Chemical Company’s chlorpyrifos pesticide the “Nerve Gas Pesticide”.  He writes:  “The pesticide, which belongs to a class of chemicals developed as a nerve gas made by Nazi Germany, is now found in food, air and drinking water. Human and animal studies show that it damages the brain and reduces I.Q.s while causing tremors among children. It has also been linked to lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease in adults.”

‘So Dow’s Nerve Gas Pesticide will still be used on golf courses, road medians and crops that end up on our plate. Kids are told to eat fruits and vegetables, but E.P.A. scientists found levels of this pesticide on such foods at up to 140 times the limits deemed safe.”

“This was a chemical developed to attack the nervous system,” notes Virginia Rauh, a Columbia professor who has conducted groundbreaking research on it. “It should not be a surprise that it’s not good for people.”

The legacy of Trump and his EPA?