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In 1978 and 1987, Bryan Magee interviewed a number of highly influential philosophers on the BBC, in two series of 15 interviews each.  The sessions are about 40 min in length, and I think remain relevant, even with some important omissions (e.g. the sparsity of women philosophers).  Magee is a very good interviewer; he moves things along a brisk pace, asking precise questions and offering brief summaries to confirm his understanding.  28 out of 30 of the interviews are available on youtube, which I converted to mp3 files for more convenient listening (e.g. while driving or in the gym). 

The first of these (with Isaiah Berlin) goes into the nature of rights, the importance of language and the three main categories of questions: 1) those that can be answered empirically, 2) those within the context of formal systems, and 3) those that can’t readily be answered conclusively (e.g. moral questions).  In the process, Magee and Berlin discuss a beautiful metaphor for philosophy and how other forms of inquiry emerge from it.

The mp3s can be found here:

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