Monetization of outrage inception

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17 May 2018 10:11

“Monetization of outrage inception”  (say what?!).  You know you are getting old when terms such as “SJW” and “intellectual dark web” don’t ring bells (or the wrong ones).  I recently came across a podcast that cleared a lot of this up for me.  It was on an episode of “We the people live” where Josh Zepps (also know as Josh Szeps) interviewed Lalo Dagach.  I found three things about this absolutely fascinating. 

1. Both Josh and Lalo are intriguing and smart, and they had an honest conversation, where there did seem to be a meeting of minds, in which more light than heat was generated, during a discussion of hot topics, where that is quite rare.
2. Lalo has an interesting background and perspectives (He is Arab, non-Muslim, and Hispanic, and has lived and been educated in several countries). The podcast didn’t quite cover his views on Chile, Central and South America (I was tantalized and will try to look him up to see if he discusses these elsewhere. Particularly interesting for me was his brief mention of Arab immigration patterns to countries in South America in the early 20th century.  That was something I was not aware of.  I am going to investigate this and perhaps will post on it later.
3. The concept of ‘outrage inception’.  This really resonated with me.  I won’t describe it further here, but I encourage you to listen to the podcast; if you like Sam’s podcasts, you very likely won’t be disappointed.  grin

link can be found here (episode 125 of We the people live):
podcast’s website:

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