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Leaving Judaism

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02 June 2018 07:50
jdrnd - 01 June 2018 11:53 AM

So I do not believe the Jews are the chosen people of God because god doesn’t exist, but I am part of a demarcated population of people called “jews”.  I think of myself as a jew.  Some (but not all) of my family feels I am not a jew because I don’t keep Kosher, don’t go to synagogue etc.
If Hitler was alive I would be put to death despite my non-belief.

It seems to me that it is not the same situation for a former Christian that has left their faith as it is for a Jew who does not believe in god.  Because Jews are a “demarcated” people and because of persecution, including the Holocaust.

Jeff, would it somehow feel ‘wrong’ to no longer call yourself a Jew?  Perhaps partly because of not wanting to separate yourself from those who came before?

I think people should feel free to consider and call themselves whatever feels right to them, including ‘secular Jew’, ‘atheist Jew’ ...


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