The U.S. and North Korea - Why the U.S. is the Enemy

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10 July 2018 09:08

During the 3-year Korean War, (June 1950 - July 1953), as many as 4 million Koreans died - about 25% of the North’s population.  American planes burned villages with napalm.  “North Korea was flattened,” said University of Chicago historian Bruce Cumings.  “The North Koreans see the American bombing as a holocaust, and every child is taught about it.”  Ever since, hatred of the U.S. has been a cornerstone of North Korean identity.”

If that war had been fought on U.S. soil with equivalent U.S. casualties, as many as 38 million Americans (about 25% of U.S. population in 1950) would have died - many millions of civilians burned alive with napalm.

Recently, Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, asked Trump if North Korea was a threat.  Paraphrasing Trump’s reply to his friend, “Not to worry, we have 2 nuclear subs armed with nuclear missiles just off their coast.”

At their recent meeting, did Kim Jong Un mention this place? 

Translating a Robert Burns poem: 

“Oh, would that some Power could give us the gift
to see ourselves as others see us,
It would from many a blunder free us
and foolish notion.”

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