Feedback on Waking Up Android App

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06 August 2018 14:26

I was recently invited to the beta for the Waking Up Course Android App, and have some feedback for the app creators. There are a few things that did not provide the functionality that I would expect,and I have suggestions for making them better. I’ll list them below.

When playing audio, a blue shade appears at the bottom of the screen that slides up when tapped on. In many apps, this indicates the ability of the user to slide the shade upwards with a dragging motion, but that is not possible in the app. I believe this feature should be added.

When viewing the opened shade for playing a meditation, there is an indication of the # of minutes in the middle of the screen. Due to it’s shape and design, it looks like a button that one could press. However, that is not the case. I would suggest removing this indicator, because the duration is already present on the bottom right.

In the audio shade while a meditation is playing, the progress bar has a dot, indicating your current location. It’s customary for this to represent a “handle” that the user can use to scrub through the audio. This currently works when listening to a lesson, but I suggest adding this functionality for meditations as well.

When the audio shade is at the bottom is the screen, it covers other content in the menus. I would suggest increasing how far one can scroll when the audio shade is present.

Android apps that play audio can interface with notifications and allow the user to pause, play, skip ahead and jump backwards from the audio notification. There is currently support for pause/play, but the option to do forward and back would be great additions.

Purely aesthetic request: I wish there were more button press animations. Buttons like play/pause, timer, account, the “...” icon, etc. could all use some animations. A darker/lighter color when pressed and held, and quick color shift when one picks their finger back up, activating it.