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06 October 2018 07:40

Where can one get a comprehensive and engaging delivery of news these days that can be consumed when convenient?

I get the impression that delivery of news on TV is getting worse and worse. On the dedicated news networks, we generally have a series of talking heads battling each other, hashing and rehashing the same 2 or 3 three topics around the clock for days, and the news delivery on the major networks seems somehow shrunken. Last night watched the evening news on one of them. They had one main story (the Kavanaugh nomination), which ran for about 15 the 30 minutes. The remainder of the time seemed to be mainly taken up by long stretches of commercials interrupted by occasional bursts of human-interest stories (nothing against human-interest stories, but there is a lot going on the world every day). 

While it is possible to get news from just about anywhere on the internet, it can be a chore to wade through all the junk and distractions.  Where can one go if one just wants to get a good solid chunk of news and analysis delivered to you which can be consumed somewhat passively while cooking, driving or working out? 

You know, the news….What’s going on in the world that’s important?  What are trends shaping the political, economic and cultural climate around the whole globe. 

Fortunately, there are still a few places where one can get this – without having to expend a tremendous amount of effort.

One such place is ‘Monocle Radio’, which is a free service provided over the internet by Monocle magazine.  They have a series of shows featuring stories, studio discussions and interviews, run by witty and sharp newscasters that run five days a week (starting with the 60 min ‘Globalist’ in the morning UK time, the 30 min ‘Briefing’ and 30 min ‘Midori House’, in the afternoon and early evening, and concluding with the 60 min ‘Daily’ at night), which can be listened to ‘live’ or anytime on their app or website, or downloaded.  There is some overlap in these shows, but altogether they cover a healthy amount of US stories, but also stories from all around the world.  After a few days of listening to parts of some of these shows, one starts to get a feel for what’s going on in all the major regions of the world and many minor ones. 

The shows can be accessed here: