An Invisible Friend

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19 October 2018 01:40

Believers find tremendous relief/joy/fulfillment in a personal experience of Jesus or God or A N Other.

This becomes the foundation of their faith, and inspires them to want to share….it is not unusual to find these people have no concern for the contradictions of the bible and are happy to overlook them, because of that feeling inside.

I think that this is like a relationship with an invisible friend, who listens and loves and supports and guides you .... all wonderful things which are likely to improve your life.

It seems to me that this personal god IS very personal, and likely to reflect the individual. So, whether anti or pro gay, anti or pro abortion that personal opinion is fully supported. That relationship reinforces and supports the individual, and provides that ‘born again’ zeal.

This is such a positive space to be in for anybody, that it is very attractive. I would think it reflects a way to get in touch with our own unconscious mind and give it shape and an ability to communicate with our conscious mind. All tremendously useful and fun.

Of course, this is available to everyone with a little imagination, and completely unconnected to any religion. All it takes is a little daring and being prepared to play with your own mind. Try it, see what you think