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I’m finding the quote software, limited options for bold face and other features of this little electronic coven a little confusing so please excuse any mistakes I make at first.
On so many philosophy, theology etc forums debates rage without anyone ever settling on an agreed definition of the central terms.. If this is what you mean by explicit definitions Icehorse I agree with your perspective.
It may also help of we focus for a while on the psychology of religious experience. Anyone who has had a ‘road to Damascus’ experience either through prayer, meditation, drugs or service high and anthems clear will often claim those without similar experiences can’t possibly ‘understand’ their perspective. They’ll then go on to evangelise in contradiction to their claims of exclusivity.

I’m puzzled too at the original post’s “no dictionary is scientifically verified for the truth of meaning of words.”  What does ’scientifically verified’ mean in this context? How for instance does one ’scientifically verify’ a term such as ‘randomness’ or ‘abstraction’? I’m missing something here.
Maybe all that’s beside the point of the original post but I can’t be sure what that point actually is unless maybe it’s an obscure way to grant religion equal respectability with the other human activities mentioned.

Having blathered on about all that and this being my first post I should state my own perspective. I’m an agnostic with an interest in biblical studies, an interest conducted over the years in the spirit of ‘know thine enemy’. More of that later maybe.

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Agreed. This sort of discussion hinges on explicit definitions, and it seems to me the OP ought to offer up the first round.

Yup ... it operates from a personal and unique framework.

What’s most telling is that the framework is concealed, which gives the concealer a safe place from which to judge.

It’s all about self-affirmation, and this recipe for self-affirmation (ego comfort) is based upon deception and manipulation ... a touch less than healthy I’d say. It’s unfortunately also very common among human brain owners, and the Interweb brings that out.

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