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19 July 2021 17:36
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The example was leaving a place to avoid a situation where rights are being trampled legally in the present.  Not where they were violated illegally in the past.

Yeah, it was apples and oranges. But either way, it’s hard to leave home.

I caught your drift.  Home is…well…home.

I may have to leave Alberta, though, if our current dunder-head of a premiere gets re-elected.  He’s doing his level best to tear apart many of the things I love about my province.  And he’s crumbling the job market and economy for his personal & long debunked ideological/economic reasons.

Willing to spend $1.6B on an oil pipeline gamble with long odds, but tearing up our medical professional system during a pandemic, for example.  And waging un-quiet war on professions that are majority female populated as another example.

I’m about 90% sure there are Koch-dollars in his campaign basket too.

It sucks.

Alberta is pretty conservative compared to the rest of Canada, right?  Does Premier in a Canadian province have the same sort of power that a Governor in a State has? I assume Jason Kenney could not go against Canadian federal law, as is supposed to be the case here.


Premiere is roughly equivalent of a state governor.
And yes, there are some federal laws to slow things down and protect Alberta Canadians, but Kenney is doing his best to dismantle as much as he can.

He wants to separate federal pension plans (Canada Pension) and have a separate Alberta Pension investment company (for Albertans only…).

He already stripped out teacher pensions and added them to a provincial portfolio, and also introduced clauses in the investment holding company contracts that would allow provincial-governmental dip-ins (into private retirement funds…).  Not good.

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20 July 2021 13:46

What nonverbal thought was a “tetanus shot” turned out to be a prostate exam.  And it rectum.

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