The Nun’s Priest’s Tale - redux

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02 February 2019 11:05

By Nicole Winfield?|?AP February 1 at 2:30 PM

“VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s women’s magazine is denouncing the sexual abuse of nuns by priests and the resulting scandal of religious sisters having abortions or giving birth to children who are not recognized by their fathers.

The February issue of “Women Church World,” a monthly magazine, on Friday cited Pope Francis’ own analysis of abuse, saying that unchecked clerical power was at the root of the problem of priests preying on young children as well as adult nuns.

It said nuns have been silenced for years by fear of retaliation against themselves or their orders if they report the priests who molested them.

The publication marks a significant public acknowledgment from inside the Vatican of the problem that the Holy See has long known about but has done next to nothing to address.”

“With more than 4.6 million Catholics in Texas, it is the largest religious denomination in the state. By day’s end, the details of sexual misconduct involving more than 303 members of the clergy came out in fifteen separate reports.”

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It’s almost as if celibacy is unnatural and unhealthy.