Sam on JRE #1241

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12 February 2019 11:42

On this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Sam and Joe spend some time talking about the Virginia politicians and their use of blackface in the past.  They present a sympathetic view, basically how can you destroy these people’s lives over something they did in high school (that they would certainly apologize for now, but at the time may not have been even an issue such as dressing up as michael jackson out of admiration).  It reminded me of the Brett Kavanaugh discussion that was had on another forum - but in that case Sam’s comments seem to contradict what he said in the JRE podcast.  He was very critical of Kavanaugh, but seems to be doing a 180 with the latest cases.  Someone might say that Sam didn’t necessarily focus on what Kavanaugh had written in his high school yearbook, but that he lied about it.  But Sam and Joe discuss that very thing, basically saying you can’t even apologize - there is no way of redemption.  They even use the examples of Megyn Kelley apologizing and then getting fired or Norm Mcdonald’s attempts to apologize for his “downs syndrome” comments. 
Sam Harris:  “The fact that you can’t talk your way out of it….that’s the fucking disease.”
That nails the point exactly - why would you expect Kavanaugh to sincerely address juvenile comments in his high school yearbook?  He can’t, or he will be disqualified.  I don’t have any special love for Kavanaugh, but felt at the time what Sam said was completely unfair.  This recent discussion was more in line with how I felt, and hit me like a ton of bricks that it was Sam saying it.
1:27 - 1:45