DARWIN’S GHOSTS by Rebecca Stott

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28 February 2019 12:49

This is one of those books I’m sorry to finish - beautifully written and researched.  Most of us here have heard about Aristotle, Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandfather) and Alfred Wallace . . . but here’s 9 or 10 others who took terrible risks to write about what their eyes could see in living plants and animals and in the fossil record.  Secret police and spying priests through the ages were assigned by the powers that be (the King, the Church) to seize and punish those who dared to say, “That’s not how humans came to be.  That’s not when the Earth was formed . . . here, look at this for yourself.  Here is the evidence.”

quote:  “Charles Darwin provided the mechanism for the evolution of the exquisite adaptations found in plants and animals, but the awareness that species can change had been growing long before him.  With wonderful clarity Rebecca Stott traces how ideas about biological evolution themselves evolved in the minds of great biologists from Aristotle onward.  Darwin would have loved this brilliant book - and so do I.”  -  Sir Patrick Bateson, president of the Zoological Society of London


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