The Slide Into Authoritarian Rhetoric - the dawn of Trump’s Brown Shirts?

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16 March 2019 13:09

March 14, 2019

“Trump Suggests His Supporters Could Turn to Political Violence If His Opponents ‘Go to a Certain Point’
The slide into authoritarian rhetoric continues with talk of the military and Bikers for Trump.”

Can the majority of U.S. voters who did not vote for Trump hear the dog whistle?  Isn’t it clear that for many of Trump’s supporters his opponents have already gone to a certain point?

“Since the summer of 2015, a bevy of Trump supporters, fans, and sympathizers have beaten, shot, stabbed, run over, and bombed their fellow Americans. They have taken innocent lives while aping the president’s violent rhetoric, echoing his racist conspiracy theories, and, as in the case of Sayoc, targeting the exact same people and organizations that Trump loudly and repeatedly targets at his rallies and on Twitter: Muslims, refugees, immigrants, the Clintons, CNN, and left-wing protesters, among others.

We cannot allow Trump’s apologists on Fox News and in Congress to pretend that this was a one-off; that the charges against Sayoc aren’t part of a growing and disturbing trend of violent crimes against minorities and the media perpetrated by far-right, pro-Trump individuals and militias.”

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