Brother Mario’s Admonitions to the Heretics

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09 May 2019 11:03

Posted: 05 May 2019 15:01 by Brother Mario

unsmoked, no person of good will, a true child of God would be a militant atheist and ignore all the good religion has done and is doing in the world. Nor would a good person hear about the existence of God and not want to know more or show some respect to the concept.

My focus on this forum is a focus on this smaller number of morons in the world. You and they are a pestilence that needs to be gotten rid of.

And your reasoning that I am delusional because God doesn’t exist in the first place is based upon your dipshit personality and nothing else. You have no valid argument against the truth of God’s revelations given to those of us who God has chosen to give these revelations to. -  Brother Mario

Mario, as you know there are hundreds of millions of atheists in the world.  Are you talking about a kind of Holocaust that you ‘people of good will, true children of God’ will carry out?  (highlighted statement above)

See list of countries with highest percentage of atheists - 



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