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26 May 2019 05:17

Owners of Noah’s Ark replica suing insurer over flood damage

Owners of a Noah’s Ark replica are suing their insurer, saying they didn’t cover damage from — you guessed it — a flood.

The Kentucky-based Ark Encounter, a 510-foot wooden ship straight out of the Old Testament, say the road leading to the ship and the vessel itself was apparently damaged by a landslide spurred by intense rain in 2017 and 2018, reports CNN.

The harsh terrain made it dangerous to use the ship, according to the lawsuit, which claims the attraction incurred $1 million worth of damages. The insurance company only covered part of that, CNN said.

“You got to get to the boat to be on the boat,” park spokesperson Melany Ethridge told the Courier-Journal.

The ark and road have since been repaired.

The holy copy-cat was unveiled in 2016, according to the Courier-Journal.

Noah’s Ark is a story from many faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam, which tells the tale of a man that God saved from a 40-day and 40-night long flood that would engulf the entire world. Noah and his family constructed an ark big enough to hold themselves, and two of every animal.



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Wouldn’t the damage be classified as an “act of God?”  That clause would get an insurance company out of a lot of claims from religious organizations, and would be very easy to include in a contract.