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Rise of Ambiguity - Breakout Thread

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My concern is that - some percentage of the time - people are injecting our kids for no reason other than profit.

Those ‘only for profit’ injections should be easily identifiable.

And Garret,

The short answer is: “I don’t know”. I suspect that a good answer to these questions would take a team of experts.

But zooming out, there are two reasons I bring this up:

1 - Because my intuition is that there is some profiteering going on here.
2 - Because I find it interesting how this topic seems to be treated differently than most of the topics we discuss on this forum. For whatever reasons, critics of vax schedules are held to higher standards than critics of other policies. It could be as simple as pushback against full-blown anti-vaxxers, but I suspect there’s more to this “higher bar” phenomenon than that.

So, if I go look at insulin profiteering, I can very easily and quickly find circumstantial evidence that there may indeed be collusion amongst insulin manufacturers on the prices that they charge for their drugs.
15 seconds of google searching turns up this.
If you don’t like reading, here’s a video.
A little more somber piece about the topic.

I don’t even have to do much research, but I can easily find at least other sources who will make the case for me.

If you have a “feeling” that something hinky is going on with vaccines… that’s fine, you’re allowed to have that “feeling”.  But you can’t expect others to take your “feelings” seriously in this regard without evidence.

And I’m highly critical of a lot of stances people take on these boards.  Heck, someone just put me on ignore because I pointed out that their reasoning was fallacious, and they don’t want to deal with me any more.  Maybe some of this is a reaction to anti-vaxxers, but I think this is a topic with so much disinformation that if you’re going to make a claim, you best be prepared to back it up.  I also don’t see much value in leaving truth claims unchallenged.  If the claim is true, we all learn something.  If the claim is false, we have a claim we can now discard safely.  Either way, we are closer to knowing more truth things than false things, and I see that as a good thing.

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